A: Because they are soooo worth it!

Chances are your wedding budget six months ago or even last week is not your wedding budget today. Your ever expanding guest list, the never ending cuteness found on Etsy and the hidden costs of the wedding your venue, church, planner, loved ones and D.I.Y Pinterest boards insist you have, have truly become outrageous and often times absolutely necessary! [cue: Doves, confetti cannons, bubbles, peonies...] But lets get real, the single most important part of your wedding aside from you and your boo, is the documentation of it all even happening and that's where your photography budget comes in to a very real debate.

Digital Files vs Wedding Albums

1) Do you want a wedding album? Yes.

2) Do you also want to save money and cut corners? Yes.                                  

:::psst::: cancel the doves, they're super awkward

3) Should you consider NOT having a wedding album on top of the expense of hiring a very reputable and established photographer who will capture the memories you always dreamed of? Absolutely NOT!

Wedding albums might seem unnecessary now amidst the chaos of planning your wedding. But it often is the only tangible thing once you've said your nuptials. Specialty albums are filled with durable, luxurious heavy weighted smooth pages that beautifully flow through your weddings sequence of events, in a manner that is ascetically pleasing and arranged to bring tears to your eyes each time you relive it. Each time you excitedly pull it out to show your families when it first arrives and as it proudly sits displayed in your home through the years. An iPad or a computer screen could never evoke the same sentiment in your family as it grows and your children marvel at its pages and all the loveliness and magic that was shared on that day so long ago. In good times and in bad times when you reminisce of all the details and people who made your wedding so memorable.

Wedding albums are invaluable keep sakes that your family will forever treasure and if you choose to make it yourself on shutter fly or hand it over to a relative with a Costco card it may never even happen, and that's sorta tragic. Because your wedding album itโ€™s not like the rest of many miscellaneous projects on the back burner of everyday life. This is your wedding, this is the greatest day of your life. So what Iโ€™m saying to you is, do your beautiful memories justice and get the album. It will be worth it. You will be forever glad you did.