Do, say I do to these...


The big day is approaching and getting the most out of your wedding photos is a big deal. Here are five super cute moments that may add a little “pop” to your footage.

1) First Look

This one may not be applicable if you are very superstitious. But first look photos are really very sweet and intimate. Its a chance for your photographer and videographer to capture you as a couple for the first time on your wedding day. Most couples usually pick a quiet corner or path some place around the venue . Some exchange gifts, others just touch hands and don't actually see each other. Either way you choose you'll have the memory forever.  

PRO TIP:  You will need to squeeze this one into your time line and it may take a bit of planning. After the first look you can use the time to take bridal portraits and formals which may save  you time after the ceremony.

2) Confetti

Whomever has to clean it up is going to be a little upset, but they’ll get over it. Maybe let the venue or hotel know ahead of time of your plans to use confetti, but whatever it takes, use confetti.  We deem any time a good time for this treat but you'll probably want to stick to the more traditional moments for it, for example the dance portion of the reception, during your prep with your girls/guys or even  at the end of the ceremony after the big kiss.

This is sure to elevate the level of fun by at least 99%


3) Bubbles

Bubbles, need we say more? Your guest will love being a part of the excitement. Any interactive activity with them will leave a lasting impression of your wedding. Bubbles also double as favors and triple as awesome elements for photos.

 4) Puppies

If you have a dog and sometimes love them more than people, their presence  during your big day will probably be one of the most touching memories you’ll have in your album.  After all,  they are your first baby as a couple or maybe your closest companion before you met your soul mate.

Dress them up, buy them a bow tie or flowers for their leash and they'll be very happy. Dogs might not always be very obedient and might not walk straight down the isle but its nice to include them in your engagement sessions or bridal portraits. 

5) Sparkler Exist

 Sparkler exists were invented for beautiful videos and photos (or at least we think so.) Not only will your loved ones relish in the excitement of a mini sparkler party but the footage will be a slam dunk. If you need proof, visit our video page and check out some of our recent  videos for inspiration.